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Just Be You.

Hello and welcome to Meaghan Smith Art. I’m really glad you’re here.

Don’t you just love expressing yourself? I mean your real, true self? Isn’t it great when you find a cute card that helps you say exactly what you gotta say? Or a piece of art that reflects your own soul?

I know I love it. Art is my first language. Music is my second language. I can say things with music and art that I can’t with words alone.

Meaghan Smith Art consists of unique cards, prints, and paintings that were created from the depths of my true self. (Yep. This is it, folks. This is me. This is what’s in my head and my heart.) And I have an inkling that these creations will speak to you too.

Colourful, unique, whimsical images paired with authentic sentiments will help you express your true self. So you can just be you.

Things that matter to me:

People, animals, and the environment. 

Meaghan Smith Art Products are:

– Inclusive.

– Printed on sustainably sourced paper.

– Paired with responsibly sourced envelopes.

– Packaged in an eco friendly plastic sleeve.

– Part of a fundraising project for local and national animal shelters.

From initial sketch, to finished painting, from the small batches printed locally, to hand packaging each card and sending them directly from my home in Halifax, Nova Scotia to you, Meaghan Smith Art cards are infused with love and creativity. 

So go on… Just Be You! 

Product Photo Credit: Ruth Plumb Photography

Meaghan Smith Photo Credit: Candace Berry Photography