Helping you say what you gotta say.

Hi. I’m Meaghan Smith. I’m an illustrator, artist, songwriter, musician, creative coach, and entrepreneur. I can’t just choose one. The reason I do all of these things is to experience connection. Art and music create connections between hearts in a way few other mediums can. I’ve experienced it first hand (or heart, if you will). I want to share that with you.

I have always loved to draw and sing. I went to Lester B Pearson School For The Arts, then attended the Beal Art Program, and graduated from the Sheridan College Classical Animation program. After working as an animator for a short time, I quit my day job storyboarding to focus full time on music as a singer/songwriter. I signed a record deal with Warner Brother Records, won some awards (JUNO and ECMA), and toured for eight years with my amazing HusBand and partner, Jason Mingo. While on the road I painted miniature oil paintings and sold over 500 of my tiny paintings, known as the Mini Art Show. I also made cards to sell at one of the best card shops, Duly Noted, here in my hometown of Halifax. 

My HusBand and I left the road in 2014 to go on the biggest adventure – becoming parents.

Since then, I have had two littles who are now two and four years old. My HusBand and I work together as full time Songwriters and parents. And I’m happily back to drawing, painting, and illustrating. All of these pieces connect me to myself, and to you.

I want my songs and art to promote connection, authenticity, kindness, and above all else, love.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re someone who cares about these things too. You have things you want to say to people who mean a lot to you. You want to spread authenticity, kindness, and love too. My desire is to help you have many meaningful and authentic kind, loving connections. And if my creations can be a part of that, I’m honoured.

Meaghan Smith