There are no paintings available at this time. They are all sold out! But I am working on some new ones… Stay tuned!

I am currently taking requests for commissions. Message me with your ideas!

Sold Miniature Paintings 

The Egg Donor The Dinner Guest

Sir Robin’s Spring Posey

Stanley’s Brand Spanking New Suit
One Too Many Busy Mr. Bumble

The Charmer Humming And Strumming


Fred Shows Up



Rainbow Is My Favourite Colour


Second Thoughts

The Skinned Cat The Hopeful Romantic
 Pipe Dreams

Top Hat And Tails

  Lucky Duck

 The Fox Of Fox Hill

Short Stop


Blind Sided

 The Kissing Booth

Eternal Love Song Forget Me Not Good For The Gander Heavy Is The Head

Holly Rae’s Snowy Owl JustAboveTheWater Lucky


The Puffin Pirate The Riding Pig The Writer And His Muse Truman


OhDeer Running Late


Black And White Cold Shoulder Day Dreaming Golden Opportunity

Staying Warm Saying Goodbye A Gift From The Heart Busking

Fox Gloves Song Bird Ruby’s Pearl


Punk Millie’s New Perscription

America The Beautiful Chicken Farmer

Willis Wormington, Twitter CEO Years Of Eating Carrots And Flopsy
Still Had To Wear Prescription Glasses

You Otta Bring Her Flowers Sweet Sophie

Gilbert While He Was Away, He Just
Knew The Mice Would Be
Out To Play

True Colours Making Eye Contact
1st Flutist Sir Franois
The Third

5:30 am 100 Meter Dash 1896-1912
After Chores Alastair On The First Day
of Spring

Aliza In The Evening Allison’s Day Off
All Robots Go To Heaven

Always Happy Amanda’s Feathered Cap Amelia’s Pearl Necklace
Andrew Bot Ange Angelque Died While Sharing

Autumn Love
Baker-Bot Ballerina-Bot Banjo-Bot

Belinda Reading Web Weekly

Benjamin Irwin Esquire Bev Just Wasn’t Herself Till
She Had Her Morning Tea

Beware The Witch Bot Black Cat At Night
Blitzen’s Grandma

Bluegrass-Bot Brave Bride-Bot
Bride Bot Just Before She Tied The Circuit

Bridgette In Mourning Brother From Another Mother Cat Eye Glasses

Charlie In The China Shop Charlotte And Her Robot

Chef-Bot Chelsea Is Shy
Chick-a-dee’s Passport Photo Chicks Dig Robots

Church Mouse Cinderella-Bot
Clarence Could Never Figure Out What Was So Funny Cold Eh Craig Went To The Dentist For
The Candy And Nothing Else

Dad’s Guitar – Private Commission
Dark Ryder Is Captured Date-Bot Death By Confectioners Sugar Decorating The Tree

Dennis Had Glasses AND An
Overbite Prehistoric Life
Was So Unfair

Desmond Decided On Paisley Devil-Bot DIY
Dressed To Kill Dr. Turvey Did His Best
Thinking A Little Topsy
Due To A Technical Glitch RB904
Was Near Sighted

Duncan The Most Eligible Bachelor
Edith In The Parlour Elementary Elizabeth’s 18th Birthday

Eugene’s Appetizer Even As A Calf Vincent Had Style

Every Family Has One Farm-Bot
Featherby Femme-Bot Finders Keepers

Flipper Didn’t Make A Very Good BadGuy Florence Was Rethinking Moving
To Montreal In February

Flowers For Cordillia Fluffy Hits The Town
For Sale By Owner Foxy

Foxyby Francis-Scarf

Frank’s Glamour Shot Friends Geisha-Bot Geraldine’s Sweet

Glenda On Friday Night Glenn Had Never Blow-Dried His Hair
He Did Not Foresee The Puffing Effects It Would Have Caused

Global Warming Gloria’s Hat
Grimsby F. Reaper Groom-Bot Groom Bot Just Before He Tied The Circuit Gus Would Never Again Buy Hair Products From Happy Hairies

Gwen The Girl From The Bookstore

Hans Hedge Hog’s Quill Gel Happy-Headless Harp-bot
Harris With Buttercups

Hawaii-Bot Heart Wired Helen
Henry Preferred The Fish Bowl

Hetty Goes To Market His Majesty Home Coming Queen
Hubert Could Never Remember The Words Hum A Little Tune In Gladys’ Situation Being Lactose
Intolerant Was The Worst Case Scenario

Jail Bird
Jayson Before The Show

Jennifer Kissed By The Sun Josephine Julie’ s Locket
Kate In The Big City Kid Koala Grows Up Knit-bot Lady RD-2150 The Second

Life In Black And White Life Is A Black Tie Event Lindi’s Red Feathers Lindsay The Giraffe

Listening To The Beatles The White Album Little-Bot Little Ninja Locket

Mademoiselle Delores At
The Misty Moon Club

Maggie Was Being Followed Maggie’s Copy of The Hobbit Man In The Moon
Maude In Mourning

Melissa’s Secret Message In A Bottle Midnight
Minnie’s Church Hat Mistletoe Freaked Sydney Out

Mlle. Wilhelmina Monkey Business
Moving Day Mr. Bugsby Mr. Cheddarton

Mr. Cheesewick
Mr. Jack Peppercorn Mrs. Bugsby Mrs. Cheddarton Mrs. Cheesewick

Mrs. Finch Goes Uptown Mrs. Jack Peppercorn Multitasking Muriel and Muriel’s Neck

Near Sighted Night Owl Night Vision Nishiime Little Sister In Ojibwe

Not Too Late Off Duty Off To The Chicken Coop

Off To The Races
OM-865 Wanted To Make A
Good Impression On His First Day

Ou Est Jacques Parka-bot Patience
Patricia’s New Hat Penelope Preferred Peacock Feathers

Penny Goes to Town Pepper The Cat Who Loved Water
Periwinkle’s Pet Bee Phil Was The Best Dressed
Canadian In The Club

Phyllis After The Party Pierre’s Self Portrait
Ping’s Prescription

Please Please Say Yes Polka Dot Poor Cupid Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine
Professor Who Profile of Marguarite

Proud Poppa Pucker Up
Quiet Night In QW-590 Did Not Want To Be Forgotten R-249 Toots His Own Horn R-901 Desperately Hoped Anne
Would Consent To Be His Valentine

Rachel’s Escape Ramona’s Red Hood RD-300’s First Babysitting Job RD-3000 Still Had His Doubts
About Her Feelings For Him

RD-9002 Babysits for Mrs. Robin Red Hood RF-381 Did Not Want To Get Wet Ridiculously Good Looking

Robin Rolf’s New Hat And Tie Came
With His Lunch

Rose RT-893’s Pet Toaster
Rusty Was More Of A Cat Person Santa-Bot Sarah Leaves Separated At Birth Siamese Twin 1

Separated At Birth Siamese Twin 2 Sergei Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto
No. 2 in B Minor

Shaemus O’Riley’s Little Sister Sheriff-Bot
Shy Hank And His Yellow Bow Tie Silver Screen

Skipper-BoT Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Slyton F. Esquire Attorney at Law to Mr. Big Bad Wolf

Smiling On The Inside Snow-Bot Snow Person
SnowWhite Bot Something Fishy So Much For Muffins Bad Boy Persona

Sparklemist In 1964

Spectacle Still Waiting Stinky’s Big Date
Super Noelene

Sylvia’s Profile The Aviator The Barn Swallows Key
The Brunette

The Catch Mermaid The Catch Shark The Clash
The Dark Horse

The Early Bird The Entertainer The Feather In Don’s Cap
The Fisherman

The Fox Hunt The Frog Princes Coronation The Gift
The Great Goatsby The Little Piggy That Went Wee All The Way Home

The Newfie The Patient
The Ravens Feathers

The Real Magician The Tease They Don’t Make Em Like They Used To
Through Kingston’s Eyes

Top Hat And Tails Trifocals Twins Are A Hoot 1
Twins Are A Hoot 2 Ukulele-Bot Victor Knew A Thing Or Two About Dental Heygene

VR-934 Was Shy Despite His Amazing Hovering Abilities
Wellington Wallburg When Pigs Fly Winston Makes the Math Team Young Bot Love
Waiting For Ken